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Fatal Error


I wish I could give you more details about the error, but I just get this: 

Fatal Error: Contact system administrator.

osTicket installation:

I'm not sure which version of osTicket I'm using, because I can't login and see it.

Is there any possible solution?




  • I found this message in my email: 

    Unable to connect to the database — The server requested authentication method unknown to
    the client

    Hope that helps :(
  • Can you run a SQL query or edit the tables directly?

    in ost_config is key send_sql_errors set it to 1.

    UPDATE ost_config SET send_sql_errors='1';

    This means any SQL errors will be emailed to the site admin.  I suspect that the issue is that your instance (osTicket) isn't talking to the DB properly.  You may be able to see this in your PHP error logs also.
  • Oh I know why I'm receiving this email, I just wanted to add more info to the problem :) thanks for that anyway.

    Well I did a test and I could verify the database connection, so I don't know what is going on..
  • Did you clone your site?  Move your site from one host to another?

    Because that error is pretty distinct.  The script cannot contact the DB. 
  • No, I did not.

    What should I do? change database password? or anything like that?

    thanks ntozier
  • ensure that the DB username and password is correct in MySQL and in the /include/ost-config.php.
    ensure that the DB user has permissions to the DB in MySQL.
    ensure that the DB user has rights to access the DB from WHERE there server is located.
    ensure that that any 3rd party software (such as firewalls, mod_security, SELinux) allow database connections.

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