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Export Ticketing Thread

Can someone teach or help me how to generate full reports ticketing? I want to see all ticket thread. Maybe teach me from using phpmyadmin or etc.

I'm using osticket v1.10


  • edited May 2017
    Maybe something like this 

    SELECT Entries.`created` AS `timestamp`, Entries.`poster` AS `username`, Entries.`body` AS `message`
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_thread` WHERE `object_id` = 1 AND `object_type` = 'T') Thread
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_thread_entry`) Entries
    ON Thread.`id` = Entries.`thread_id`

    SELECT Events.`timestamp` AS `timestamp`, Events.`username` AS `username`, Events.`state` AS `message`
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_thread` WHERE `object_id` = 1 AND `object_type` = 'T') Thread
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_thread_event`) Events
    ON Thread.`id` = Events.`thread_id`
    ORDER BY `timestamp`
  • I try but no details show..
  • You need to replace the 1 with the id of the ticket you want shown
  • edited May 2017
    Thank you.. But how do i add to this csv file?image
  • Where do you want the data to be displayed?
    Each entry at the end?
  • Alternatively, There is a 3rd part reporting mod [now a plugin] by forum member @scottro that you can check out from There was also another reporting 3rd party mod that was posted on the forums previously but I cannot find it right now.
  • @ntozier I'll have a check also.. thanks
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