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Include XML snippet in ticket response


osTicket Version
v1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareApache
MySQL Version5.7.18
PHP Version7.0.15-0ubuntu0.16.04.4

Agents are unable to include XML code snippets in a ticket response. This worked under version 1.9.x and  does not in 1.10.

We have tried:
Using the "code" option in the formatting menu.
Editing the HTML itself and wrapping it in:
<xml> ... </xml>
<code> ...</code>
Used the lt and gt entities instead of the tag characters.
Using a cdata section

In all cases the tags are stripped from the response and just the text remains.
Editing the response shows that the tags have been dropped.

Any ideas?




  • I beleive that you would want to attach it as a file as Redactor is stripping out the invalid HTML tags. (because they are XML)
  • I was trying to include the XML inline as there are number of examples throughout the body - an attachment(s) is not very clear.

    For my info, did the version of Redactor that is used by OST change between 1.9.x and 1.10 as this was not an issue on the previous release.

  • Sorry I do not recall when it was last upgraded its happened a few times over the last couple years.
  • OK - thanks.

    I am surprised that no-one else has logged this - it is such a major problem for us - we deal a lot with XML data and use xml tags in our responses all of the time.

    I will poke around and see if revving back to an earlier version will work with 1.10.

    If I have success I will post it here.

  • So, this issue is getting to be such a huge problem I am at a loss as to what to do.
    Has anyone successfully used the older redactor editor from 1.9.x with 1.10? If so could you share what needs to be done - I was unsuccessful in getting it to work.
    Alternatively, has anyone integrated a different editor into OST - I saw some very old posts of partially successful implementations of CKEditor.

    If someone could even point me to the bit of code that does the tag stripping I would happily see if I can hack it. I have traced the code through Chrome but none of the routines that it flagged made sense to me as stripping tags.

    I have been working with a non-minified version of redactor.js v10.2.5 but no changes have made any difference to the tag stripping. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place - I am just assuming that redactor is causing that.

    On a separate note - the other 2 issues my users are having are:
    Inconsistent application of bold, italic etc formatting - which I resolved by installing jquery v 1.12.4
    Problems inserting images - I cannot reproduce this running a Linux client with Chrome (they are all windows)

    So not a happy group of OST agents right now.

    Hopefully someone has some suggestions for me - the XML snippets are what are really killing us.


  • Another ticket provided my solution - "Bug: Sanitzing with hmlawed, redactor and js > code tag in frontend is ignored and will be rendered" - 90583 

    This ticket can be closed. Thanks
This discussion has been closed.