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Respond on Ticket by Email

I am using v1.10 (901e5ea) and i do have a strange problem. From my understanding, i can answer on an already open ticket by either answering directly the email i received opening the ticket or sending a new email with the ticket number and the hash symbol before that like this : "Example [#238706]".

Answering directly on the email i get, when i open a ticket, works fine. It will create an answer in the original ticket, but creating a new email (not using the answer button) with the hash symbol followed by the ticket number creates a new ticket.

From what i do read is the it looks for a message id in the email and if the corresponding id is not found it will try to parse the subject. If it finds a valid ticket id in there i will attach it to the corresponding open ticket.
The last part is not working for me.

Maybe someone could lead me in the right direction where to look.

Thanks in advance.
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