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PDF task printing

When I'm trying to print (PDF) a task, through the Print buttom at task-view page, a blank pop-up (just after it
shows 'charging message') is open and nothing else happens. You can return to
the task-view page using ESC, but pdf (print) is not working.
System info:
osTicket: v1.10
MySQL: 5.5.52
php: 7.0.17
us_US and es_ES lang packages installed.


  • I am not responding to your issue, but to your environment details. First, MySQL should be upgraded to 5.6.X, and second, I have heard of issues with PHP 7.X, it always is different. For testing purposes maybe see if 5.6.X for PHP works. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can reply.
  • It was tested using php 5.4.45 and the results were the same.
    Unfortunately, my hosting doesn't allow to change MySQL release. Have you tested this printing with MySQL 5.6.X?.
    Thanks Synt4xError.
  • I have not, I will test tonight, I will need to spin up a VM and install it there. I will get back to you latest Saturday night. Maybe someone else will reply by then but I will test. 
  • Did anyone find a solution to this... I am having the same issue?
  • I was having a similar issue and was able to print tasks by right clicking the Print icon and selecting Open Link in New Tab (Firefox). Other browsers may have a slightly different phrase. I do not know the root cause and cannot provide a "fix", only the workaround.
  • Great randman1, it works! and it could be a hint for finding out its solution.
  • Cha Ching! Glad that strange work around fixed it. @Ntozier, not sure if this is something that may want to be looked at by devs. 
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