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Reply "From" alias, header spoofing

Currently I am trying to setup header spoofing and facing some difficulties.

Explication of our organization :
- we are working with 15 different clients

- each client has an alias where he sends his support requests : ; ....

- each client's alias contains our global support mail address :

- ticket filters (Addressee (To and CC) --> Contains --> are defined for each client and is a target channel for all of them

- in the parameters of my gmail account I added the ability to Send mail as : ; ....

email addresses ; .... are added in the Admin Panel --> Emails -->Emails and the header spoofing is allowed on them, as well as on my

Fetching Email via IMAP or POP is enable for my gmail account (IMAP) as well as sending email via SMTP without authentification required and with Header Spoofing allowed.

What we need
is to be able to reply from osTicket via aliases :

1. I receive the request from my client1 who sent a message on
2. Ticket is created and automatically assigned to the TEAM.client1 support.
3. Reply is posted by agent via osTicket --> for client this reply is sent by (alias) and not by

Which are the steps to follow ? Maybe someone have the same kind of organization ?

Maybe there is something to do with Default MTA ?

Version used : v1.9.14 (8b927a0)
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