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Add template variable for (Ticket Thread) emails (on staff assignment)


Most tickets in our company are created via email and ticket are assigned to staff (they are working with mobile devices and would like to get an email with all ticket information), so i have one question.

Is there any variable for osticket 1.9.8 for this task?


  • "would like to get an email with all ticket information"

    Define "all ticket information".

    You would need to change your notification (New Ticket Alert Template) to include every variable that you can find and even then I'm not sure that it would include everything that gets logged, saved, etc.  But you could do most of it.  

    We do: 

    From: Name <email>


    But you could easily expand to include more custom fields, etc.

  • there is a problemm, that i cant find any mod for my task. Maybe you now any mods for it?
  • ntozier Is it possible that, when answering the ticket, it shows all correspondence in email?
  • I found this discussion on the forum, but this feature does not work for version 1.9.8
  • Q: it shows all correspondence in email?
    A: No.  This is not a feature in osTicket at this time.
  • I think that was a mod written in 2010 for version 1.6ST, and you would need to update the code to get it to work with a more recent version.
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