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Exporting list of tickets has my custom field, but all values are blank


I am having an issue with the CSV export functionality from the ticket listings.

In short, I created a custom field of type 'choices list' which appears on the 'edit ticket' view and which seems to work properly (I assign values, leave the page, edit the ticket again - the value appears to have been properly saved in the database). However when I export the list of tickets, it looks as if all of my tickets dont have a value. The column is entirely blank.

Let me break it down more accurately.
- I installed osTicket 1.10 last week
- started using it and already have about 20ish tickets
- I decided to add a new custom field today into ticket details form
- the new custom field is of type 'choices list', I configured the field values properly, one per line, with key:value pairs



- assigning a value to this custom field from the 'edit ticket' view works fine. Here is a ticket from a couple of days ago, the value I assigned is still there.


- the CSV Export does show the column for the custom field, but there isn't any data (all tickets show blank values), see the rightmost column


My configuration is all good and I have no other issues (other than the infamous paste image bug that is due to Redactor... oh and also I can't seem to be able to switch languages, installed two additional languages and they only work if I set them as primary languages and remove the other 2). See below:


I seem to have pinned down the faulty code to class.export.php around line 108: it seems like it's trying to pull data from the database table/field "cdata.resolution", however this table column is completely empty: the actual data for my "resolution" custom field is stored in the "form_entry_values" table. Unfortunately I don't know the rest of the source code well enough to fix it myself... 

Did I do something wrong? Should I check for some missing piece of configuration?

Thanks in advance!


  • does anyone have any ideas? apparently I'm not the only one with the issue

  • hello ntozier, so... that thread is from 2015, it has been closed and remains unsolved, does this mean the bug will never be fixed? is there any particular reason?
  • Follow the links, that links has several links to other reports.

    The fix is in there.
  • hello ntozier, thank you for taking the time to reply.
    I am sorry, but I have followed all the links and I am still unable to see where or how this has been fixed.

    are you referring to this link? ;
    if so, as far as I can tell it has not been solved, unless I am looking at it wrong?

    is there another link you are seeing that I am not?

  • as far as I can tell, this new ticket you linked does not match my issue, and none of the suggestions seem to have any effect on my problem, one of the solutions would even make things worse
  • Then I have no advice for you.
  • would it help if I made a new issue report on github ? or will that just be a whistle in the wind 

    its a shame all these little issues, osTicket is downright amazing overall, one of the best and most advanced open source projects I know of.

    I will probably end up creating my own reports then. Thanks again for the help ntozier!
  • edited June 2017
    I would recommend that you downgrade PHP to 5.6.  Otherwise a bug report sounds like a great idea to me.
  • pripri
    edited November 2017
    v1.10 (901e5ea), when I am adding the custom fields to the ticket details form and clicking on the export link the CSV is showing the LIST IDs (1,2,3, etc.) instead of the VALUES ('ABC','XYZ', etc) .This issue creates after call by api.  I want include both numeric code and corresponding string value in both of these fields.Then what to do?

  • @pri Please do not hijack other peoples threads.  You should start your own thread if you are having an issue.  Be sure to include your environment details.

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