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Bugfix: > translations of names/titles are not returned

If you use translations you will remark, that localized titles are not returned, this bugfix will sove the problem:

affected file: include >

Find function in line 59 to 61 :

    function getLocalName($lang=false) {
        return $this->getLocal('name', $lang);

after this add the following:

    function getLocalNameUsers($lang=false) {
        return $this->_getLocal('name', $lang);

And now replace in all affected user templates in "include > client" the code like in this example for "include > client >":

Find code from line 9 to 11:

if ($content) {
    list($title, $body) = $ost->replaceTemplateVariables(
        array($content->getName(), $content->getBody()));

and replace it with:

if ($content) {
    list($title, $body) = $ost->replaceTemplateVariables(
        array($content->getLocalNameUsers() ?: $content->getName(), $content->getLocalBody() ?: $content->getBody()));

Adding a new function was necessary, because we remarked that in other places like pages the function getLocalName works correct. We don't like to dive to deep in the code to find a solution this will work with all situations where getLocalName is used, so we decided to create this workaround. You have only to edit the six affected pages in "include > client" to get them work correctly.

Best regards,


  • please make pull requests on github for bug fixes.  The devs will never see them here.
  • edited June 2017
    @ntozier: We will prepare a bug fix package and make pull requests on github. But we need a little time for that... Posting here is done in a second, when we are working on the code. ;o)
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