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Bugfix: index.php > frontpage is not fully translated

Not all strings on the frontpage are fully translated. Because of a missing function for translated teaser, you have to do at first this bugfix. Click here!

affected file: index.php in root directory

Open "index.php" in the root directory and replace in

line 64 the code "<?php echo $C->getName(); ?>" with the following "<?php echo $C->getName(); ?>"

line 70 the code "echo $F->getQuestion(); ?></a></div>" with the following "echo $F->getLocalQuestion(); ?></a></div>"

After this save the file and upload it in the right place.

Best regards,



  • Hi

    You mentioned to edit the line 64 on index.php. But you are replacing it with the same:

    -->> line 64 the code "<?php echo $C->getName(); ?>" with the following "<?php echo $C->getName(); ?>"

    What sould it be exactly?


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