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Bugfix: class.faq.php > public faqs are displayed in featured section in sidebar

Public faqs appear in the sidebar featured section on the frontpage.

affected file 1: include > class.faq.php
affected file 2: include > client > templates > sidebar.tmpl.php

Because we don't know all the places where the relevant function "getFeatured()" is embedded, we decided to write a new function "getFeaturedFaq()".

Please insert in "class.faq.php" after the "static function getFeatured() {" from line 344 to line 348 after the closing tag "}" the following lines:

    /* DMT EXTENDED additional function featured faq */
    static function getFeaturedFaq() {
        return static::objects()

Save the changes and upload it to your server in the right place.

Now you have to edit "sidebar.tmpl.php" and replace the following code in line 22:

    $faqs = FAQ::getFeatured()->select_related('category')->limit(5);


     <?php $faqs = FAQ::getFeaturedFaq()->limit(5);

Save the changes and upload it to your server in the right place.

That's it, now only featured faqs will be displayed.

Best regards,

BTW: The bug crashing the page if a faq categorie is featured containing featured faq is solved with this bugfix, too.

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