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Check Ticket Status using unique ID V1.10

I am having a little trouble with the Check Ticket Status requiring an email address.  I have configured the Contact Information list email to not validate so that my employees can use email if they have one or Employee ID if they do not have an email address.  All my employees have a unique Employee ID and I would like them to be able to see their ticket status by using their Employee ID and ticket number or if they have an email, then use their email and ticket number.  I have not found a way to turn off the email validator for the Check Ticket Status and would like to know if there is a way to Check Ticket Status using either Employee ID or Email and then Ticket number.  Currently my employees can create a ticket using either Employee ID or Email, so I would assume checking the ticket would allow for the same usage (Employee ID or Email).  All of my Employee ID's are unique numbers.


  • osTicket does not allow all numerical usernames at this time.
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