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SMTP with ovh

Hi everyone, i m just trying osticket and seems really good.
i just installed os ticket 1.10 with php 5
All work like a charm but i have a probleme to send message.
My "" is in OVH and the configuration is simple. --> port 587

i have a dedicated server with a proxmox and a debian vm who osticket is installed.

When i try to send a message with osticket .. my mail is rejeted... 5.7.1....
my ip isn't in a blacklist.
my login and password work .. so i don't know why my smtp don't work normally.
i have no firewall activated on my vm or proxmox.

Thanks for all 

Best regards 


  • You haven't provided us with the rejection error message.
  • yes . i post it in 5 mn thanks
  • this is my picture capture
  • You really never stated your true PHP version. Also, are you sure this email account has the proper IMAP/POP access enable? It's stating rejected.
  • sorry. i have php 5.6.30
  • "Client host rejected: Access Denied."

    Your SMTP server is not accepting the email for some reason. If you can provide your email settings someone might be able to give some more info.
  • thanks... my smtp settings is simple.
    no authentification require

    port SMTP : 587
    user :
    password : my password.

    it work in a lot of configuration (outlook, proxmox alert ...) but not in osticket :(  thanks for your help
  • What does "just" mean?

  • sorry it's
  • SMTP settings:

    you appear to be missing a few things.
  • ok just test this.. thanks a lot !! ;)
  • I was asking for you to tell us the rest of the setting that you were leaving out... not to test something.
  • grr sorry for my poor english

  • try changing to ssl://

    You have authentication required, yet I do not see a password in the password field it actually required?

  • Yes i have a password..
  • "PHP failed to conenct socket: fsockopen"

    Is openssl installed and enabled?

    Do you have any firewall software on your web or mail server?
    If so is that port open?

    Is the host allowed to connect to the mail server?
  • yes openssl is installed but i don't know if it's enable.
    n o firewall, port is open and no host restricted.

    i search in /etc/php5/php.ini and i see openssl but i don't know if it's enable.


  • Make sure that your php.ini has the openssl extension enabled.

  • yes it's enable..

    how can i watch if i have all i need with osticket .. i mean if all is good in my installation....
    there are a possibility to watch this in the graphical environnement ?

    thanks for all really appreciate your help ;)

  • Admin panel -> Dashboard -> Information
  • all seems good.... grrrrr..
    damn really like this soft...

    i install an older version.. and i have the same thing...

  • Perhaps its PHP 5.6.30.  Can you install a slightly older version?  (pre .30)
  • yes i try this and i be back .

    thanks see you later

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