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Latin characters

I have installed the 1.7 version and I'm having problems with latin chars.

When I try adding a character like "ã, á, ç" in titles, the word gets truncated.

For example, if I write "Supervisão", it appears "Supervis".

On the ticket body the chars get replaced by "?", for exemple "Supervis?ao".

Can you help?

Is there any chance an automated version of osticket allow the user to choose "latin chars" on installation, and it gets configured from the start?

osTicket and latin chars problems are known since the beginning of the project.

Thank you.


  • I recommend that you file a bug report at github.
  • Your issues is at the php itslef, this is usually an issues with the way that php read the caracter...make sure your caracter set is in utf-8 not in Microsoft caracter latin or something like that... the link explain about the converter but if you search in google, you should find the way to do it without converter...

    Basically your issues is a "charset"'s a well known issues for people like me who need to display in french as an exemple...
  • I'm experiencing the same issue. In this case with Spanish characters. Once you type in any non-latin character like:

    á é í ó ú ñ

    The text is truncated.
  • This discussion is over 1 year old. I suggest to a) start your own discussion and b) osTicket version 1.7 is outdated, so you definitely should consider an upgrade to the latest osTicket version (currently 1.9.3).
  • /agree Chefkeks.
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