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Include everyone on the ticket, CC & To emails

It would be great if when some one sends a support email and includes a colleague or several colleagues in the To of CC fields, the colleague(s) were included in all future notifications relating to the ticket.

Not everyone would want this, so I guess it should be something you can turn on and off in the settings. Maybe also give recipents a link to opt out of further notifications.


  • OK. I'm working on a Minimal Viable Product solution for this.

    How do I get involved and go the extra mile to make it part of osTicket proper I wonder?
  • You put it on github with the rest of the project so that the devs can accept or reject your code.
  • On it.

    I've added a column to a table.

    Can anyone tell me how I should cater for changes to the database schema in what I submit?
  • Could you please provide the details of the implementation? Or the link where you have posted this solution?
  • It's NOT finished yet, I need to sort out a security issue created by including all the CC'd folks on the emails.

    The demands of clients have kept me too busy with paid work, but it's still on my radar to complete this.

  • Just wondering if there has been a working implementation of this. Customers sometimes e-mail our private mailboxes instead of our support ticket system and we'd like to just reply to them and CC OSTicket so it generates a ticket number and a reply to the customer as well.
  • Same reply as above I'm afraid, I simply haven't had time to make it secure yet.

    Sorry :-(
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