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agent and user passwords

I have searched but I cannot find direct information on the following questions

1. once the user password is set can I lock out the user from changing their password.  i.e. they must contact admin to change or reset password.

2. is it possible to have passwords for users.  i.e. users must login with name and password.


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    1. This only works for Registered users.
    Login as an Agent.  
    Go to Users -> the user -> Manage Account -> Manage Access tab.
    Tick the "User cannot change password".

    2. Yes.  But I would presume that by your first question that you would already know that since your asking about making Users not be able to change their password.
    Login as an Agent
    Go to Admin panel -> Settings -> Users ->  Authentication Settings -> Registration Required
  • thank you for response.  asked questions in reverse order.  never assume I know anything ;-)
  • Hehehe. :)
  • In 1.10.1 there is a set password, which generates a random password and emails user, but is there a way for admin to set the password manually? That option was available in 1.9.16 but I can't seem to find it in the newer version?
  • 1.10.1
    Go to: Agent panel -> Users
    Click on the user
    Click on Manage Account
    Click on Manage Access

    Note: If the user is not status: "Active (registered)" and are "Guest" then you will have to register them first.  Guests apparent;y don't have passwords since they user email address and ticket # to get in.

    To do that you:
    Go to: Agent panel -> Users
    Click on the user
    Click Register
    uncheck Status
    And then you can enter a password.
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