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DMT Template - DB Error Email Message

I installed the template DMT vers, on osTicket vers 1.10.

Every time I open the home page I get the following email:

Subject: DB Error #1054

[SELECT page.*, count(topic.page_id) as topics  FROM ost_content page  LEFT JOIN ost_help_topic topic ON(  WHERE ost_content.content_id=1 GROUP By]

Unknown column 'ost_content.content_id' in 'where clause'<br />

<br />

---- Backtrace ----<br />

#0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(204): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1054', '[SELECT page.*,...')<br />

#1 (root)/include/ db_query('SELECT page.*, ...')<br />

#2 (root)/include/ Page->load('1', false)<br />
#3 (root)/include/ Page->Page('1')<br />

#4 (root)/include/class.config.php(605): Page->lookup('1')<br />
#5 (root)/index.php(69): OsticketConfig->getLandingPage()<br />
#6 {main}

I tried to verify the file, but I did not find any errors in the query, does anyone know how I can fix the problem?

Thank you


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