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osTicket wont load after installing a plugin


I hope you can help im pretty new to this type of ticketing system, first off I had to change the default port from 80 to 81 due to the server configuration.

I have setup the accounts and email etc, after unpacking the phar file I installed the LDAP server plugin, I think installed the equipment plugin next upon when the whole osticket system crashed when I went to go back in it would not bring up the site again???

I tried going into myphpadmin and it stated that username root, password none access denied?

I have tried resetting the password in the mysql.ini file from xamp control panel but I can never actually get the site to come up again, im really not sure installing a plugin would cause so many issues to a install it was working perfectly fine up until then??

Do you think there is something wrong with the mysql.ini or is the osticket install corrupted in some way?

I hope you guys can help its taken me a good few days setting up all the agents account, smtp, logo etc :(



  • Why did you unpack the plugin from it's phar? , The default for a phar plugin is to load it as a phar, You'll have to try disabling the plugin in mysql check the ost_plugin table for the plugin and change isactive to 0.

    If you still can't load the admin interface, a plugin shouldn't do that!, so I'm guessing you've overridden files in the default install, you might want to check that, download a fresh copy and make a backup of your config then repair osticket.
  • I couldnt get the phar files to work without unpacking the file, I only extracted the files to \\include\plugins

    Does the configuration hold all the settings I have done the past week? you mean ost-config?
  • There's a php extension that is required to get them working, it's generally a default.. but maybe not in xampp.

    Yes, ost-config is your config, all your browser changes will be in the database.

    Did you manage to disable it via mysql?
  • Hi Grizly

    I went into the MySQL.ini config on the XAMPP control panel and deleted the equipment plugin soon as I done that it started working again not sure why this caused the issue in the first place!

    Thanks for your help!


  • Maybe that plugin isn't compatible with the version of osTicket you have?
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