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Automatically change ticket status upon customer's reply

Is it possible to change status of a ticket when customer replies on it?


  • In the UI the only way that i can think of is to make a custom status that is closed when and when it's reopened sets it to the status you want it to be.

    But if you don't want to change status manually you'd have to call the change status function upon reply
  • Thank you Micke1101 for your answer. 
    So basically you suggest a custom mod to the code and you are saying this feature is not (yet) present in osTicket? 
  • Yes exactly.
  • Thanks Micke1101, but only now mentioned "upon reply" part of your answer.
    I know there UI to change status when agent replies to ticket, but what I am asking is about system changing status when it fetches customer's reply (from IMAP let's say)
    Is that possible?

    (I have custom statuses "waiting for customer" and "waiting for staff" and I want this to be automatically changed and reflected in advanced search results - there is column "status", when customers has done his part of job :) )
  • Yea that should apply when editing the code that i pointed at.

    Also remember that Grizly has been working some with the signals and plugins so that you won't have to modify core and maybe his mention plugin could be a good basis for this:

    What you'll need to do is on threadentry.created, check if it was the customer who did it and also if the status is the status waiting for customer and if so change to the desired status.
  • @Micke1101 Thank you very much for your help and especially for pointing to plugin code. I have created my "AutoWaitingForStaff" plugin and does exactly what I need. Also other plugins from that repository are very useful, I installed 2 of them as well :) 
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