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Problem email relay external ?

Hello !

I work on Windows Server + Apache24 (64Bits) + PHP 7.1.7 + MariaDB 10.2.6 + OSticket 1.10
I setup SMTP email without trouble and I can receive incoming email IMAP but only send internal SMTP answer but not external ?
Inside Apache log It's notice :Failed to add recipient: **** [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: 5.7.1 Unable to relay)]

This are my remarks :
1 : I use Exchange 2010 and open relay is configure OK
2 : I try to another SMTP server also with open relay but same result
3 : I try to change PHP version to 5.6.31 and 7.0.21 but same result, I try also to install Apache in 32bits... but no way. same results
4 : I try with XAMPP server on my windows and It's working ?? I can use without trouble send email via my SMTP server

I really don't know at this state what can I do to fix this mistake ? Of course If I can't send confirmation to my external users, OSticket won't work for me... But in any case, why It's work with XAMPP ?

Thanks in advance for your idea and support.


  • I'm not really seeing a clear question here.  It sounds to me like both Exchange 2010 and "another SMTP" server do not allow relaying for domains that are not their own.
  • but problem is that open relay is fine configuring on my both SMTP server since long time ago and Xampp with my OSticket dev inside, is able to send email without trouble. So I assume problem is not coming from SMTP server but on my Apache/php installation, but I don't know where ?
  • Last I checked XAMPP uses PHPmail.  So your (php.ini) configuration file would have the server specified in it.

    That being said using a mail relay is probably bad practice (for security and spam reasons) and you should probably use a real mail server.
  • I already compare both php.ini files before open this topic and regarding MAil, all are identicaly and use SMTP function to send email. 
    About open relay, I know that's not so good but I whitle list ony my server on the LAN to reduce trouble in case of SPAM.

    I also try to bypass SMTP on email agent and just use PHP maail but again, I can't send email...
    Any idea ?
    Thanks !
  • ps : on logs I can find only these line during my test with diagnostic email from OSticket :

    mail() on [D:\Apache24\htdocs\osticket\include\pear\Mail\mail.php:156]: To: **** -- Headers: Content-Type: multipart/alternative;  boundary="=_a36dc6024c9ae2aa36d1329fa39e19ad"  MIME-Version: 1.0  From: "" <>  Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2017 14:55:58 +0000  Message-ID: <>  X-Mailer: osTicket Mailer  Return-Path: -- Subject: test email
  • Well the error that you provided:
    Failed to add recipient: **** [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: 5.7.1 Unable to relay)]
    is telling you that the mailserver is unable to relay (presumably for
  • ok, I will try again to re-check all about SMTP open relay server.
    Thanks for your support and nice day !
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