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Valid CSRF Token Required

Hi All,

osTicket   -    1.10
PHP        -    5.6.31

The company I work for had used osTicket 1.6 for last couple years with really no issues.  But recently we decided to update and best course of action was to start a new installation of osTicket using 1.10 because of modifying the original installation and would be messy to upgrade.  Now the installation went fine with no issues, but we are experiencing some issues with "Valid CSRF Token Required".

I have found a page suggesting to edit the includes\class.ostsession.php file. to add line $this->data->session_data = "";

I done this and I also repaired the table ost_session.  But no luck the error message on re-login in still appears.  Tried using different browsers too.  Clear cache etc.  For mean time we have set Agent session timeout to 0, as it can be annoying.

Any help would be grateful?


  • We had this issue, it was an HTTP/S issue, we redirected all HTTP into HTTPS, then we no longer had the problem. Didn't have to modify class.ostsession.php  
  • Thanks will try that.  We were changing our server to only accept all HTTPS traffic soon.
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