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LDAP Authenticated users are not able to edit their profile

Hello all,
I have enabled the LDAP Plugin for OSTicket and it authenticates the users fine.
However, when an LDAP user tries to change their email address, a blank page comes up with an HTTP 500 error.
The LDAP user has been added to the user table in the database as well, but it cannot be edited. 
This issue has become extremely critical for me, as e-mail requirement is a must.

I am using osTicket version 1.10
PHP version 5.4.16
Mysql version 5.7.18
and Apache/2.4.6

Thanks in advance.


  • I don't know if it will fix your problem because we do not use the LDAP plugin, but I would suggest upgrading your PHP to 5.6

    1.10 does not play nicely sometimes with versions older than 5.6 or newer than 7.0

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