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New Ticket created from User response

Hallo everybody,

we recently decided to not allow users to reopen Tickets when they simply send a reply. Most of the time it's just a simply "Thanks".
So I edited the Ticket Status List for Resolved and Closed Tickets. Basically I uncheck the mark where it says allow Reopen Ticket from user Reply.

Everytime a User replies to a specific Ticket, osTicket doesn't add it to the original Ticket instead it creates a completely new ticket.
Looks like this:

We want Users to be able to reply if the want, but we dont't want the ticket to reopen nor do we want a new ticket created from that response.
Greatly appricate your help!

Best regards


  • That is not currently possible. As you have discovered, you can have it append their response to the existing ticket and reopen it, or you can have it open a new ticket. There is not a way to configure it that has it "ignore" a response from a user. You could probably alter the code in some way to append and NOT reopen the ticket, but you cannot configure it that way in the UI.

    In my experience, there really isn't a good way to tell if the ticket is just a thank you, or a new issue (that they are sending in the same thread as the previous), so we would not want the system to just disregard an email from a user anyway.

    Is it annoying to have to reclose a ticket that was opened by a thank you? Yes. 

    Would you rather have them pissed off because what they sent was not a thank you, but a completely different request that they were just replying on the same thread, and it was just ignored? Probably not.

  • Thanks a lot blueyeguy!

    I totally understand your point, we thought we would get notfied via the e-mail alert from the system once a user replies.That would have been enough. 
    But good to know that it's not possible via the UI.
    If there is anyone here with some Code which doesn't reopen a Ticket but still adds the reply to that specific ticket I would gladly appriciate it!

    Thank you!
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