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User Reply is not recorded in the Ticket


I'm using SMTP server to send email to user, and my agents email is different for which I've also enabled POP/IMAP for retrieving the emails in OsTicket. 

but the reply to tickets by user is not been recorded rather sent to the email from which it is sent ( I've not enabled fetching of emails from the smtp server).

What is the solution, is there a way that tickets reply to mail is different than from email in order for this to work.


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    No osTicket version.
    problem description is not clear.

    You are currently saying "when a User replies to their own ticket it goes to email from which it is sent"
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    Hi, as was posting in 1.10 forum so didn't think mentioning it. 

    Anyways posting the details

    I am sending email to users ( auto reply) via smtp server for which fetching is disabled. Let's say . Mail fetching is enabled for which is agents mail I'd.

    So, 1st mail is just acting as a mail relayer but if user reply to that email it's not recorded, seems email spoofing is not configured properly.

    Sorry for being naive. 

    Server Information
    osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea)
    MySQL Version 10.1.22 ( MariaDB)
    PHP Version 7.0.18
  • proper setting in the mail section helped resolved it
  • It's satisfying to solve things yourself isn't it. :-) well done mate, glad it's sorted.
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