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Pop-up windows do not show up

Hi, we recently installed osTicket on Ubuntu 16.04 server with nginx 1.10.3, osTicket version is 1.10.
We have an issue with pop-up windows, they do not have any content inside. For example, when I put mouse pointer on a help icon, an empty windows appears, without any help. This is not as critical, as that it also doesn't show box for password change in a pop-up windows.
Any ideas?



  • Good morning,

    nginx is not a supported web server at this time.

    That being said there are a number of nginx configuration changes that need to be made to get it to work right. There are several threads over at github that you will want to go and read through.
  • We tried PHP 7.0 also, same issue
  • Use apache mate. Nginx is great, but this wasn't written for it, so it won't work out of the box.
  • Regarding Apache — at first we tried using LAMP stack, which included Apache, and we had the same issue.
  • Do you have any logged errors when running in apache?
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