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osTicket v.1.10 - Knowledgebase/FAQ link & attachment removal problems

I have two problems regarding FAQ content:

1. Have several FAQ from different Categories that have visible links on Homepage ("Featured Questions" section). User with agent roles can open those links without problems, and normal users see links, but when they click on titles, nothing happens (they are logged in, but for them it acts like they are not - aka guest users). In browser console i see no errors.

2. If I add attachments to FAQ, and manage access (visibility) without log off, everything is normal. But if I log off with admin or agent account, and log in again, and when I try to change access like from internal to public (or featured) or vice versa, attachment disappear from FAQ. Under Attachments Storage and Settings I set that attachments are stored in database (could that be a cause???).

Anyone had same issues or have any suggestion how to solve this problems?


  • I've been working with a plugin that embeds kb attachments, and it breaks as soon as I log out too, think me there's a misunderstanding about "public" somewhere.
    Kb attachments redirect to the login page, I don't use login for guests, so none of the users have accounts.

    Looks like all attachments are stored the same way, and are accessed the same way, so it restricts who can access them.. well, except for the logo, and the pages.. hmm, might be something there.
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