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Links for Passwort Restore are wrong

Yesterday I updated to v10.1 and I noticed, that the link for password recovery (sent per mail) is not working.
The link for the new password is displayed as it should be but the link behind starts with the local ip address followed by the correct URL.
So the link does not work with a click on it but works fine, if copy & paste are used.

I saw the same error on welcome mails, where the user has to confirm the newly created account.

osTicket runs on Windows Server 2008R2.
osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server Software Microsoft-IIS/7.5
MySQL Version 5.1.72
PHP Version 5.4.24

Thanks for your help


  • Maybe there is a typo within the template?
    I found the template here: Settings / Users / Template / "Password Reset Email".

  • Mines says "%{link}" in both the URL and Text boxes.
  • Thank you, ntozier, this solved the problem. I changed both boxes to "%{link}" and saved. Then I reopened the template and there was "%%7Blink%7D" again. But now the link is fully operational!
    So we can close this case.
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