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Version 1.10 quesions - My Tickets tab and email settings

Hey guys,

Hoping someone can help :)


We are having trouble working out what the trigger is for agents to see only their assigned tickets in the 'My Tickets' tab.

Currently, our agents are seeing all tickets that are not assigned to an individual.


How do we allocate the default department / SLA plan / Help topic for tickets that are received via email ?


  • Q1:
    Tickets are assigned to:

    and one of the following:

    If the ticket is assigned to them (their agent account) or a department/team they have access to then they will see the ticket.


    Admin panel -> Settings -> System has the default department.
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets has default SLA and Default Help Topic.

    Admin panel -> Emails -> Emails -> the email that you are collecting
    Also has these settings.

    Alternatively the Help Topic can also choose department, and SLA.

    Alternatively Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters can also modify these values.
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