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Osticket is responding too slow to closure of the tickets

Dear Team,

When ever we are trying to close the tickets, the ticketing system is taking long time to respond.
Usually it is taking around 2 to 3 Mins for closing an individual ticket.

Currently all of the attachments are getting stored in the Database only, is it causing the slowness of the system ?
If, so installing the storage plugin will resolve the issue?

Could you please help on this.
Please find the below Osticket configuaration details below,

Please find the below configuration details.

osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea)
Web Server Software Apache/2.4.25 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.2j PHP/7.0.18
MySQL Version 10.1.22
PHP Version 7.0.18

Thanks You.



  • Is everything else running well? 2-3 minutes? That is very slow.
    Closing a ticket doesn't do anything with attachments, so changing storage backend shouldn't change much change there..
    Are you using a remote smtp server? It might be waiting for closing notification messages. But you'd likely see that for any notification.. hmm. Weird.
    Have you got anything in the logs? Is the server really busy or straining for resources?
    Do you get any messages in the browser console? It might be a scripting problem. Pjax should timeout long before that though.

    Maybe you can step us through the troubleshooting you've already done?
  • Q: Currently all of the attachments are getting stored in the Database only, is it causing the slowness of the system 
    A: How big is the database?  How many attachments are you housing?

    Q: If, so installing the storage plugin will resolve the issue?
    A: You would have to install the plugin, configure the plugin, and then migrate the attachments to the filesystem to find out.
  • Hi, 

    Thank you for the quick response.

    Currently my database size is around 2.5 GB.
    Out of that most of (around 97%) of the space is occupied by the attachments only.

    Could you please confirm, if the above is causing the issue.

    If installing the plugin is going to help, could you please let me know the procedure that i need to follow.
    like, from where i need to download the plugin and the installation procedure.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thank you.

  • I have no means to confirm that with out re-creating your specific environment.

    Download the plugin from
    put it in /include/plugins
    Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> plugins
    configure the plugin.
    enable the plugin.
    ensure that the webuser your webserver runs as has permissions to write to the folder you configured.
    Drop to the command line.
    Use the CLI app to migrate your files to the filesystem like this:
    php setup/cli/manage.php file migrate --backend D --to F
    You may have to run this command multiple times.
  • Hi,

    Really appreciate your help on this.
    Once again thank you for your valuable guidance on this.

    I will implement and let you know if further help required.

    Thank you.
  • You're very welcome, please keep us posted. :)
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