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Agent unable to google auth

I have configured the oauth plugin for Google and clients are able to login with their Gmail credentials.I have chosen to authenticate Agents and Clients via this method. Refer image below:


However from the agents login screen, whenever they click on the Sign in with Google button, they are transferred back to the agent login screen with a message: Have your administrator create a local account

Of course I have created a local account for that agent. And that agent can login thru the agent login screen by using his username. 

- Google oauth plugin installed and configuref
- client can login via google
- agent can login using username
- BUT agent cannot login using Google

Did I miss anything obvious? Please advise. TIA


  • Which Google auth plugin?
    I don't think osticket made one, so it's likely a third party plugin. Can you link to the one you've installed?

    Unfortunately, it's likely that you'll need to seek support from the provider of the plugin.
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