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Help with fetching email - Cron jobs

when i setup cron jobs i can only select a local file drop a drop down so i select:


and i get this error from my hosting company:

-----Original Message-----
From: root (Cron Daemon) [mailto:root (Cron Daemon)]
Sent: 13 March 2013 13:25
To: [email][/email]
Subject: Cron /usr/bin/GET -t 300 -C 'binarytechniques:*FIELD REMOVED*' ''

cron.php only supports local cron jobs - use http -> api/task/cron

when a new ticket is submited i get a notification but if someone emails the email address setup i dont unless i login

can you help?


  • Madpugs,

    From my understanding (note: I do not run 1.7x and will not run it in production until 1.7ST is released) it looks like your calling the external cron call instead of the internal.

    try /support/api/cron.php

    /support/api/tasks/cron is for I believe external (from other systems) calls. My 1.6 installation calls [MYWENDIRremoved]/api/cron.php.

    note: you also didnt tell us which version you are running.
  • i am currently running version 1.7 but if you think i should use the other version i dont mind doing so,

    i just really want to get it to work
  • i have just installed version 1.6st and was hoping you could talk me though getting it setup correctly

    i have pointed my cron to: /Support/api/cron.php

    and now i get a return email of:
    -----Original Message-----
    From: root (Cron Daemon) [mailto:root (Cron Daemon)]
    Sent: 13 March 2013 22:05
    To: [email][/email]
    Subject: Cron /usr/bin/GET -t 300 'http://WEB ADDRESS REMOVED /Support/api/cron.php'



    when i submit a new ticket its not posting to the email account
  • edited February 2015
    I had similar issue. I just removed
    if (!osTicket::is_cli())
        die('cron.php only supports local cron calls - use http -> api/tasks/cron');

    from  /Support/api/task/cron.php file to fix this.

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