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[resolved] Help - Error on Staff landing page - Error PHP Fatal error: Class 'Bootstrap' not found

Hi All,
My System :
OSTicket V1.10
MySQL version : 5.6.36
PHP Version : 5.6.31
Using Windows Server 2008 for the OSticket system

I have a problem since I reinstall WampStack with a new PHP version and a MySQL Database.
I have copied all the files of my former site and restore the database to mysql. But I still have error on login like a staff member. The log file containing errors is attached. It seeams that the system can not find a file called Bootstrap. But the file is in many directerories on the server. I could not understand why the problem appears.
When I try to connect as a staff myurl/scp/login there is a blank page. Nobody can login
Please help me to find a solution for this matter.
Thanks in advance


  • No errors attached.
    Blank pages indicate a PHP error.  Please ocnsult your PHP error log and get us the errors.
  • Check the permissions as well, maybe your web server can't read the files, there should be a bunch of errors in the logs.
  • Thanks guys for your answers. Here is the error log file.
    I am going to check the permissions.
    Thank's for all!
  • Well, it's loading the file, but for some reason it isn't loading the bootstrap.php file, which is in the same directory. Maybe make sure you've got all the files?, then try it directly, the logs seem to suggest it's embedded in an iframe or something.

    Then check your php.ini include path, it looks like it's been modified:


    This could be overridden by Apache config or .htaccess

    You're seeing a few script timeout errors and oversized post data errors as well. How many web applications are you running on this server?

  • Hi again, I changed the permissions for the whole windows folder containing the webserver (directory named C:\BitNami\wampstack-5.6.31-0 but it didn't change anything. Blank page for the url https://localhost/suivi-production/scp/. Note that the url https://localhost/suivi-production/ works and I can reach the system landing page.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Grizly, Thanks for your answer. I am running two web applications. You are right, the osticket webserver is opened with a link in anthor system which enable us to open osticket staff landing page in an embedded frame in that web application.
    The php.ini file was modified to looks like it was in the previous system. there is a line with : include_path = ".;C:/BitNami/wampstack-5.6.31-0/php/PEAR;C:/BitNami/wampstack-5.6.31-0/frameworks/smarty/libs"
  • Nobody have an idea to solve this matter.
  • Ntozier and Grizly,
    I have another question.
    Do you think that I have to reinstall wampstack to solve the problem?
    Where do you think that the file bootstrap.php must be?
    Thanks for your answers.
  • @mthiam you seem to be lacking a couple of plugins such as mbstring and ldap.
    As for bootstrap.php it should be in your root:

    Does your differ from the original one?:
  • My advice would be:
    1. Uninstall Bitnami WAMP Stack sopftware.
    2. Install Apache2, Mysql, and PHP 5.6.
  • If you have a backups, you should be able to just download the current release, restore your config file to it and test.

    You need to check your Apache config, your .htaccess, your document root (as bootstrap.php should be in the same folder).

    Hard to know really, did you build the box? Maybe talk to whoever did build it, or find the default include path from a default bitnami?
  • Thanks Guys, I followed the Grizly advice and things are running as it was.
    Thanks a lot to every one for your assistance in this matter. I am closing the discussion.
  • What was the final step that fixed it?
  • the final step was to restore a backup of the whole directory containing php.ini and all the plugins (ldap, mbstring, etc...)
    Thanks for your help.
    Could you close the discussion, because I don't know how to lose it?
This discussion has been closed.