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Adding Collaborator during the creation of ticket

How to add a collaborator manually during the creation of of new ticket for clients??
We require that feature in our organization when a client want to inform another collaborator of other organization..

osTicket Version v1.10 (901e5ea) — Up to date
Web Server Software Apache/2.4.18 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.0.2f PHP/7.0.2 mod_perl/2.0.8-dev Perl/v5.16.3
MySQL Version 10.1.10
PHP Version 7.0.2


  • I wrote a plugin that does that, uses Twitter style mentions, add collaborators with @pradeep1987oct22 etc.

    Otherwise, just CC them and create via email.
  • Thanks  @Grizly
    Whenever a client types @G....Automatically an collaborator name should be auto picked
    Is this possible sir?
  • If that is a name in the system, yes. 
    It was mainly developed for staff/agents, so if you have single-word names it works best, like @pradeep1987oct22 would work, however, if there was spaces in the name, it won't. But, you can use a ".", so, @pradeep.surname would work to match an agent. 
    The mention part is pretty cool as well, if you wanted to bring in another agent without adding them, you can use #pradeep.surname or #pradeep1987oct22, they get an email notification telling them that they were mentioned (configurable in config).

    For it to add Users as collaborators, we kinda have to know about them in advance, which works well for established systems with lots of users already. You can @other.user and have it find them by the domain prefix, if that domain is added to the config.. actually, it doesn't work that well for Users.. they dont' have usernames! hmm. 

    If you'd like an extension/adaptation or change to it mate, just make an issue for me on github and I'll get it working: ;

    I'm thinking an organisation filter might help, so users from an organisation could @John and have the first John in their organisation be added as a collaborator.  You can see the problem with that being global though. A lot of people have the same names. Even Agents have many duplicates in our system. That's why it does email matching as well, @jsmith or @john.smith etc. But the firstname.surname match only works for staff at the moment. 
  • Hi Pradeep, John and Jsmith! :-) lol The only one that didn't match here was @other
  • @Grizly, just an FYI

    We are testing the mentioner plugin for our agents, and I noticed that I received a mention alert when someone typed #1 in their message to the user because my agent ID number is 1 in the database.

    Thanks again btdubs for all the time you put into the forwarder plugin you are working on as well.

  • Woah, that's both cool and bad. Is it a bug or a hidden feature? Lol I'm pretty sure bug as it's not intended.
    Found the culprit though, Staff::lookup ( $name )
    If name is a number, then it will return the id matched agent. That should be an easy fix, I'll get it done tomorrow.
  • Hi @Grizly ,

    Is it possible to use email address say (neither a staff nor a user) instead of a name , 

    what if we need to mention/ add collaborator who is new to our Osticket system.
  • Wouldn't that add any address?.. including in signatures. Could be bad.
    You can always use the "add collaborator" function while viewing a ticket to add someone, or cc'ing them on the original email.

    Hmm, you wouldn't want it to be a spam vector: someone could send a message with white text listing hundreds of addresses and they'd all get spammed as if by you..

    But, if you wanted a patch to enable it, it's certainly possible, just ill advised..
  • edited October 2017
    hi @Grizly,

    What if only staff be able to add email address as collaborator.

    Totally agree, with spam thing. 
  • edited October 2017
    That's already available via the "add collaborator" staff interface. Isn't it? Maybe I'm missing something.
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