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Organization Name Column

Ive been all over the forums. I know about Custom Queues, and I have been through the "A better ticket view" thread several times. I haven't found anything I could get to work, and I know so little about coding that I cant get some of the more technical instructions to make sense.

I am hoping for a step by step set of instructions to add an additional column to all tickets views that displays a user's organization. I want to be able to export this data (in addition to what is already displayed in an export) and run my reports with it. I got custom queues working on the sandbox version of our system, but since it is a beta product, I don't want to install it on our production system.

I am using version 1.10 (901e5ea) with the reports module installed.

I know this subject has been done to death, but any help would be appreciated. Having organizations visible unlocks so much for me.


  • You have already cited the two things that I would have pointed you to.  I'm not aware of any alternatives to those two things at this time.
  • How about any people I could reach out to? Surely as moderator, you've run across a couple of folks I might be able to contact through here.
  • I've given a couple folks a link to this thread for you. :)
  • Thank you sir. Greatly appreciated.
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