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I am setting up osTicket (v. 1.10)  on a Windows 2016 server in AWS. I have AWS SES all set to send out emails, but I need to find a way to get emails sent to the address into osTicket.  My hope was to have the emails sent back through SES.  A copy of the email would be stored in S3 and then SNS would forward the email through the API.  However, SNS has a ton of ip Addresses and I am not sure I can get SNS to work with the API/IP Address restriction.  Is there any way to solve this?  

I thought I might also capture the messages from S3 on a cron schedule, but that would cause delays and much more code than I want to write.  

I could set up a workmail acccount for that email address but there is a fee for that.  

Any ideas/options?  




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