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[v1.10]Pre-populate "Help Topic" in open.php from referring URL

This is probably an often asked question but 10 mins of searching hasn't given me what I am looking for. Close ... but no banana.

Our users don't change the help topic dropdown when open tickets so we get lots of tickets ending up at the general IT queue rather than directed to other teams. We've tried educating them, but ignorance and high churn rates in the departments that need support means we don't really get anywhere.

We decided to replace the default index.php with a list of common issues and links to "Click here for support on this issue". The link would be to open.php and the Help Topic and Issue Summary should be pre-populated with the corresponding team and issue - but I'm not sure how to pre-populate those fields based on the URL clicked by the user from index.php

Any hints and tips, pointers or guidance most appreciated!


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