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[resolved] Minor upgrade 1.9.12 - 1.9.15

I just did a minor upgrade from 1.9.12 to 1.9.15 (following the upgrade instructions on the wiki) but when I log back into osTicket after the upgrade I don't see the upgrader.  Is this OK?  Did I do something wrong?



  • edited September 2017
    You see only the upgrader when there are database changes to do. In minor releases there are usually no database changes. 

    So I think you did not something wrong. This is normal behavior. 
    After uploading/replacing the files you should see the new version number under ->Dashboard->Information.
  • Thanks for the reply, this is what I assumed but wanted to be sure.  Yes I'm seeing the new version number on the Information page.
  • mfelber is correct.
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