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LDAP extension is not available. Please install or enable the `php-ldap` extension on your webserver

Hi all,

I followed the instructions as per the OSTicket site instructions on how to install the LDAP plugin. Our OSTicket site is locally installed, so I ensured that the plugin.phar file was placed inside the Includes/plugins folder of Web server. I also made the change to our php.ini file that mean uncommenting out the line of code that said - extension=php_ldap.dll.
I am still having the same issue though when attempting to set up that plugin. Here is what I have entered so far:


Thanks for your assistance. i thought this plugin install was meant to be a relatively straightforward task.



  • Can you verify that the ldap extension is loaded?
    Create test.php in root and add this code


    now navigate to it in your browser and it should tell you if ldap is enabled.
  • I added this file an I noticed LDAP was present under the Curl section: see attached

    Does that mean that LDAP is enabled?

    Thanks again.

  • edited September 2017
    The ldap support should be listed with an extra section:

    After uncommenting it is necessary to restart the webserver. Did you do that?

  • We cant restart the web server as its a shared server - our email is hosted on it, along our ticketing system. I do not know what other alternative I then have.
  • Your hoster could restart the webserver. Probably not during the production ours. 

    But they also do it regularly when they are carrying out maintenance work (security updates or bugfixing).
    Just ask your hoster to do that for you during the next maintenance window.
  • No its a shared services host so all their other customers are using the same services. After checking with the host they said there is no way they can reboot their server for this reason. I can make as much changes as i like in the php.ini file but there is no way I can make it change anything. So I dont think there is any way around this.

    Thanks for your suggestion.
  • Sounds like it is time for a new web host to me.
  • I'm also using shared services and other customers are using the same services as well.
    But I never had this limitation. I would say this is a individual limitation of your hoster..
  • I'm agreeing with ntozier here, most if not all web server softwares have an option that will make sure that there is no downtime and if they're not capable or have the knowledge of how to do that, they're in the wrong business :).

    For example apache can reload it's configuration during runtime with httpd reload or do a graceful restart of the service with httpd graceful
  • As can IIS.

    And when you change PHP directives you are required to restart the service.
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