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security issue

Hi all,

i received this error msg while tried to access open.php page. How do i fix this security/vulnerabilities on coding side? As attachment..

Thank You


  • edited September 2017

    Server Information
    osTicket Version v1.9.12 (19292ad)


    — v1.9.15 is available
    Web Server Software Microsoft-IIS/8.5
    MySQL Version 5.5.45
    PHP Version 5.6.20
  • Did you contact your administrator? Looks like a generic Fortinet error. What's the actual log entry that is triggering that action? Maybe your server is infected? Maybe you need to upgrade!
  • Yes..its fortinet/fortiguard filtering.. Administrator said just to upgrade and secure the coding in term of security level on that path..

    What you mean to upgrade?is it upgrade to 1.9.15?
  • You are running 1.9.12.  Current is 1.10.1, and there has been 4 maintenance releases for the 1.9 branch which is currently at 1.9.16 (and once 1.11 comes out support will drop off for it).

    Depending on what filtering your running across your administrator may have to make an exception for that page.
  • thank you, my administrator already do exemption for that page but they mention to upgrade the coding also to prevent any attack from outside..
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