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Change to language pack

I need to offer the Arabic language pack in work for the instance i'm running.

Is there anyway I can change the flag displayed on the site for the language pack? The current flag looks very much like the Argentinian flag! 


  • The language pack project is located at:
  • Thanks. Will get some of my guys to look at that, see if they can get the arabic one to 100%
  • Hello @siilit,

    The incorrect flag icon is an issue on our end. Basically the name of the language pack is incomplete giving the language no locale option. The name as of now is 'ar.phar' which it should be 'ar_SA.phar'. The reason the flag is incorrect is because the flag is determined by the name of the phar. So, just 'ar' is interpreted as Argentina which is why you see the Argentinian flag. Once you rename the file to 'ar_SA.phar' you will give the language a locale of Saudi Arabia and you should be able to see the correct Saudi Arabian flag instead.

    So to get this working you will need to rename the phar file to 'ar_SA.phar'. Next you will need to go to Admin Panel > System > Settings and remove the language from the Secondary Languages section and then re-add it. You should then see the language is still the same and the flag is now correct.

    In the meantime, I'm going to get with the developer that handles the packaging of the phar files and get him to update the name of the phar file so that all future downloads will show the correct flag.

    Thanks for reporting this!

    I hope this helps you. Cheers.
  • Kevin, that worked a treat thanks, though using the Saudi flag at the moment would probably get me in a lot of trouble as we're a Qatari company! 
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