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Search is empty

I recently moved my OSTicket from a Windows server to Ubuntu. Everything else appears to be working, but searching does not bring up anything. Other posts I have read state that the fix was in an update to OSTicket. I am running the most recent version, 1.10.1. Even matching the case in the search does not seem to work. Searching the ticket number does work, but that is not a common search for us.

Any suggestions?



  • Perhaps you mean to use Advanced Search?
  • This works ok for me so not sure why it doesn't for you, sorry.

    There is a code fix required for a problem with searching from the client page however.

    There is an issue for this here:

    Are you able to view contents of the ost__search table ?  In my limited looking over searching just now it seems like this table caches the searchable text of tickets, threads, and tasks.

    It looks to be built as you add/edit these things however there is something also in the code about generating stuff when cron runs. I'm not sure if this is useful information but might be a clue.

    Strangely I'm not able to search on my ticket id, perhaps as this has a text component then a number.

  • I actually rebuilt my server because of another issue (shell became really slow) but the same search issue occurs. I now get an email (email wasn't working before) that states ost_search does not exist. I have left it a few days to see if it would rebuild that table, as I have seen mentioned in many posts about search rebuilding if that table is not there. I have also submitted a new ticket and it still does not get created. 

    Anyone have a suggestion to get the ost_search table to rebuild manually? I think this may be my issue. I would create it but my MySQL skills are lacking, but learning quick.
  • ost_search does not and should not exist. 
    ost__search should though.  
    ^Note that's two underlines.
  • Here's the query for creating ost__search: 
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ost__search (
    `object_type` varchar(8) not null,
    `object_id` int(11) unsigned not null,
    `title` text collate utf8_general_ci,
    `content` text collate utf8_general_ci,
    primary key `object` (`object_type`, `object_id`),
    fulltext key `search` (`title`, `content`)

  • Thank you Micke1101! The command made the database. Still not getting a search result, but now it is not erroring out with DB Error #1146. Now it just is empty search results.
  • Any new ticket is searchable since my move. Any tickets that were made in the previous system, are not searchable.

    Is there a way to have the system reindex older tickets? Is it to do that automatically?
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