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How to manage tickets assigned to agent

edited October 2017 in General Discussions
My agents ask me How they can to see in an easy way ticket assigned to them.
But they do not want to see all ticket's assigned to they team or department, but only personally asigned to specyfic agent.

We know there is "My tickets" tab, but for us this is little messing our work.

We was wondering if anybody (like we) would like to see few new tabs:
  • "My assigned" - this would be tickets: assigned to desired currently loggedin agent + assigned to agent team + assigned to department (you can say just the same like currently "My tickets"
  • "Assigned to me" -  this would be only tickets assigned to desired  currently loggedin agent 
  • "My Team" -  this would be only tickets assigned to agent teams
  • "My Department" -  this would be only tickets assigned to agent departments
  • "My own" - all tickets that was created by desired currently loggedin agent

Our goal was to clearly indicate how many entries are assigned to me exactly, the team, the department.
Such a distinction should better organize our work in our office.
We could more easily discuss problems together during the "storm of the brains".

What you think about this ?


  • Theres a pull request on the github that adds custom queues and rumors are it’s in 1.11, this would let you predefine some queues and each individual can define their own queues.
    But with the default setup, i guess without any modification, they can save specific searches and open those.
  • Could you point me to this specyfic github request ?

  • I believe this is the original one:
    But that someones made a newer version of it
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