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Open Tickets only on office hours

Dear All,

it is possible to setting for user only can open ticket for particular time,
as sample on office hours (08:00 - 17:00).

if possible, can share how to do that,
or if time more than 17:00, so it not count overdue



  • There are a couple things that you could do.

    1. alter your cron so it only runs (and collects emails) during the hours you want it to.
    2. write a small script [run by cron] that toggles ost_config -> isonline to 0. When you want the UI to not be available, and again back to 1 when you want it to be available again.  You would have course also want to edit the Admin panel -> Manage -> Pages -> Offline to say something more like "Oops you came by while we are closed...."
  • Hi Ntozier,

    Thanks for replay,

    will try using cron.

  • Very welcome.
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