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External Reporting via PHP

Hi, for basic monitoring i have written a bit of PHP that results in below, however i like to monitor the re-opened tickets as a way of monitoring the quality of the close. However we get a lot of people re-opening tickets to say thanks, which is great but it does mess up the stats. My question really is if there is a way to report a closed reason, for example we have a normal closed, but if we could have a "re-closed on thanks" option and then not to report on these?

Probably not possible but though I'd ask if anybody has any ideas?


  • You could maybe add another ticket status and filter based on that or you could check if there’s a comment associated with the close.
  • Hi Micke, do you off the top of your head have a line of SQL that would check if the ticket thread contains say "Re-closed after thank you message" as i am looking at the structure of the tables and i would have just have ran a query against ost_ticket for reopened and on  ost_thread_entry where body contains "Re-closed after thank you message" but there are no corresponding table id's to do a join on, i would have normally used ticket_id?

    Any help appreciated.

  • For anybody interested i found the solution, we are going to ask staff to close tickets with a canned response and then report on the closed reopened tickets and then the reopened but closed with the canned response and just minus them.

    Get all re-opened tickets
    SELECT COUNT(ticket_id) FROM ost_ticket WHERE reopened BETWEEN DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 12 HOUR) AND NOW() AND staff_id = ?

    Get all tickets closed with the canned response of Ticket re-closed due to thank you message.
    SELECT COUNT(ost_ticket.ticket_id) FROM ost_ticket JOIN ost_department ON ost_ticket.dept_id = JOIN ost_thread ON ost_ticket.ticket_id = ost_thread.object_id JOIN ost_thread_entry ON = ost_thread_entry.thread_id WHERE ost_ticket.reopened BETWEEN DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 12 HOUR) AND NOW() AND ost_thread_entry.body LIKE 'Ticket re-closed due to thank you message.'  and ost_ticket.staff_id = ?
  • For anybody who is interested i have attached the final PHP files i am using for basic external report.

  • Slight bug you will need to add the below red bit to calculate the total % closed correctly.

    //Compile Total Ticket Stats
    $message_body .= "<B><U>Statistics</B></U></br>";
    $message_body .= "Total Open: " . $TotalTicketsOpen . "</br>";
    $message_body .= "Total Closed: " . $TotalTicketsClosed . "</br>";
    $message_body .= "Total Overdue: " . $TotalTicketsOverdue . "</br>";

    //Calculate the total percentage closed
    $PercentClosed = $TotalTicketsClosed / $TotalTicketsOpen * 100;
    $PercentClosed = round($PercentClosed);
  • We use the ReportMod by forum member @scottro available at
  • Thanks ill take a look now
  • edited November 2017
    It looks like the website is now for a tattoo parlor, and the older website at is now defunct too.  Does anyone know how to fund the ReportMod plug in these days?

    Sorry, not sure what I was doing this morning, but the sites (both of them) appear to work fine!
  • Sorry about that. I had an issue during the move to a new host but it’s been resolved for a while now

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