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Suggestion for pending work flow


I've come from OTRS and I loved the ability to set a ticket as pending for how ever long it was felt needed. As an example being a service company we send out parts for advance warranty replacement. The customer is given 14 days to return the product so we set the ticket to pending for 14 days, it disappears out of the open ticket page and everything is nice a clean. It then pops back in 14 days, has the returned item come back yes?/no? chase product or close ticket.

I would love to do that with OSTicket. A ticket comes in, I set the SLA to 14 days advance warranty but the ticket still sits in the queue and other tickets gather around it. 

I tried shifting the ticket to another department that I called Advance Warranty, thinking it would move away from the open tickets into a department that the user wasn't assigned to but because the ticket was assigned to a team it doesn't move from that team.

Has anyone any suggestions how I could work flow this kind of requirement? I'm up to 3 pages of tickets because of pending tickets for various reasons and it looks a mess.



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