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Logs related to fetching emails?

Are there any more detailed logs anywhere related to connecting to mail servers and fetching emails? We have our system set up IMAP to and everything was working fine until late this last Saturday when randomly some of our email accounts starting failing to connect for extended periods of time, then reconnecting while others failed, etc. We are working with Microsoft on the problem, and I don't see anything in the PHP logs, but I was wondering if there are logs anywhere with any more details on what is happening during the connection to their server other than:

osTicket is having trouble fetching emails from the
following mail account:

User: [email address]


Error: Too many login failures

 22 consecutive
errors. Maximum of 5 allowed

 This could be
connection issues related to the mail server. Next delayed login attempt in
aprox. 10 minutes

Server Information

osTicket Version v1.10.1 (9ae093d) —  Up to date

Web Server Software Microsoft-IIS/7.5

MySQL Version 5.7.17

PHP Version 5.6.24


  • The admin email account should be notified for every error like that. Of course, if it can't send them because that's the problem, then maybe you need to restructure your connections.

    I'm in favour of aliases, we just use one account with many addresses, each can be used as different departments/topics etc in osTicket but can be fetched in one go from one account. Cheaper too!
  • Yes we are getting those errors to the admin email account, however we were hoping there was a log somewhere that had more detailed information about error the mail server was kicking back. Something less generic than "too many log in failures" 

  • Hmm, I've not seen one. Generally, if there is a failure, it's because of a message itself, clearing that out of the inbox fixes it. 
  • Our fetch problems have resolved and in spite of Microsoft saying that the O365 problems we were having were not causing any email "service health issues", as soon at they resolved our other O365 issues, the fetch problem went away as well. 

    I just thought that maybe in some log somewhere there would be a detailed error message like "ERROR TK421 -- Mail server reports user not found" or something similar, but turns out we don't need it anyway.

    Thanks @Grizly

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