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Transfer of Tickets

Hi there

I've recently installed osTicket v1.10.1 on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.  I am monitoring roughly 30 email addresses - all linked to a unique department/subdepartment.  I would like agents to be able to transfer a ticket from one department to another without losing track of it.  By this I mean - we get hundreds of emails to certain of our email addresses.  I would like the destination team to know when a ticket needs to be actioned by them.  Would it be better to assign to a team or transfer to a department.  The agents in one department do not necessarily have any rights in the destination department.  I had one ticket being assigned to the destination team and it does not appear in anyone's view (not under My Tickets/Answered/Open), yet it is under "My Tickets" on the sending agent's list.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • I would say that you would want to try to setup a Team and see if it works the way you want it to.  The "destination team" would always know that the ticket needs to be actioned on since they would be the team or department that the ticket is assigned to and are the ones that can see and interact with the ticket.
  • Thanks for the reply.  I have managed to solve this by enabling "Restrict ticket assignment to department members" for each department.  This automatically unassigns a ticket when being transferred to a department they are not a part of.  Thank you! :)

  • don't mean to hijack the thread. But this is the closest thread what I have been looking for. 
    I am in same situation. Ticket is assigned to agent in dept1, then this person want to transfer to dept2. if we set the dept2 as "Restrict ticket assignment to department members" , then ticket is automatically unassigned to agent in dept1 like chris's post. However, complication begin, when agent from dept1 wants to track the progress of the ticket, he can't because he does not have permission to dept2. But if you add agent to dept2, then when he assign the ticket to dept2, ticket still sit in his queue. Not sure anyone has solve similar problem. 
  • Currently there is no gracefull fix for this.  I had head that ticket subscribing for agents was going to be a thing so as the ticket migrated away from the Agent they would be able to continue to track and follow the ticket.  Unfortunately development stalled for a while and I hadn't heard anything about this feature.  So the "work aroun" right now is that you create User accounts for your Agents, and add them as a collaborator on the ticket.  This will allow them to get email for the ticket, and they can always log in as a User and update the ticket, or reply via email and update the ticket. (they can use the same email address for both accounts)
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