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Php hook

I am running Osticket V1.9.x.
-I would like to introduce a hook that connects my Oticket and another server "Splynx" via API.
-The main goal for doing this is to ensure that if a new user is created on my Other Server "Splynx"  his/her username and password should also be updated on my Osticket database.
- Kindly assist me on how to go about this if it is possible. 


  • You will have to write a script (or a plugin) to do something like this.

    I think that you might be able to use one of the signals to fire off a script when a user is created and I have no idea it would work in 1.9.

    See ./include/slass.user.php

    Signal::send ('user.created',$user);

    If you want to do it from splynx to osTicket then you would need to write a script on the end to sync to osTicket probably at the DB level.
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