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Customize work time statistics

edited October 2017 in General Discussions
i'm testing the demo of OSticket version 1.10, and one of the
things missing is the ability to have actual working time
reports (real).

I would like for each ticket a custom field where every
agent writes the exact time employed to close it
. I mean only the actual
working minutes. And use this value to have work time statistics over a
given period of time.

For example, in one day I have these tickets.

Ticket 1 - Agent X - Help topic "Sample A": 10 minutes
Ticket 2 - Agent Y - Help topic "Sample A": 30 minutes
Ticket 3 - Agent X - Help topic "Sample B": 10 minutes

I would like to have daily statistics (or a specific time period) of this type:

Agent X: 20 minutes of work
Agent Y: 30 minutes of work

Help topic "Sample A": 40 minutes of work
Help topic "Sample B": 10 minutes of work

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do such a thing in the open version of OSTicket?

Thank you,


  • I would like to track this forum post as I am also looking to employ this exact same feature in our environment.Hope someone is able to assist. 
  • edited October 2017
    Why not track time from ticket time created till ticket closed, counting time automatically while the ball is in agents court? :)

    So, (given that agent does not work on the ticket while waiting for reply from customer):

    Ticket created (time count start) > Agent answers email (time count stop, waiting for customer) > Customer reply (time count start again) > ticket close (time count finish)

    This way you don't need to worry about:
    1) Agents wasting time putting in the hours worked
    2) No human error/abuse
    3) Manual report delivery as it will be automatic

    Just an idea :) This would require some SQL-foo, but it is doable(could even create a new table for it, so extra sorting options). 
    Of course, you could include a custom field on the ticket, but still you would need to pull the data out of the database table, but it is miles easier and can be done with simple SQL query.

    Some time ago there was a discussion about time tracking, it should still be valid:

    But to answer your question - it is not possible to do what you requested in the open source osTicket version with vanilla features. But it is possible with little coding, if you can call SQL'ing coding :p
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