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LDAP and Distrobution Lists lookup

I have LDAP installed properly and can look up names of people just fine (after applying this fix). But what I noticed is I can't search for our distribution group email address. For example, we have "Newport Receiving", when I start typing in "Newp" it doesn't have anything drop down. Is that normal? I'm not sure if that's just a limitation of LDAP or something not configured correctly.
On the LDAP plugin, I don't have anything in the search base.

Thank you!


  • Attaching system information now.
    959 x 812 - 128K
  • You also did the fix in the comments?
  • Yes, I removed line 86 & 87, then added the new line 86 to the ajax.users.php file; as mentioned in the link above.
  • Then you should be able to search users just fine.
  • It's not users that I'm having problems searching for, it's distribution groups. Is that not allowed to search for with the LDAP plugin?
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